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Accounting software that will help you manage everything in one place.

With a simple system design combined with modern technology, you can access documents and work quickly.

Open a bill to sell, buy or pay less than 1 minute

  • Just sell, buy or pay in one place both easy and save time and fast and convenient in document management
  • Never miss any billing and checks. The system will alert via email, allowing excellent cash management.
  • There is a stock trading system. You can store the Serial No. of the product and check the products in and out in real-time.

Social Security and various taxes

Every month's hassle is gone with payroll, social security, and tax management systems.
  • Manage all staff salaries including disbursements.
  • Staff can download payroll slips by themselves or have an automated submission system.
  • Save time by using tax forms or tax forms to submit forms instantly.

Time attendance, Overtime and Leave request

  • Record time in-out on mobile application (TIMEMOVE)
  • Check employee time and overtime with real-time report
  • Convenient with leave request on mobile

Online accounting software that is easy to understand/know sales / know profit immediately.

You don't have to know about accounting. The system will automatically link to the accounting data.
  • There are balance sheet reports, profit-loss, cash flow together with financial numbers to check the company's health in real-time.
  • You don't have to know about accounting. The system will automatically link to the accounting data.
  • For every movement of the system, the system will post it in the general journal and the split type.

All documents are correct to the standards and can be customized as needed.

Whether to offer the quotation, withholding tax receipt, just all in one place.
  • Quotations, bills, invoices, receipts, and purchase orders can be adjusted with the company logo and seal.
  • Can send email or download as PDF and print instantly
  • Tax documents are complete consist of Por.Ngor.Dor 1, 3, 53 and Phor.Por 30, 36

Why do you have to choose SMEMOVE accounting software?

With all features, functionality and cloud technology that are easy to manage, analyze data and store your business information in one place.
โปรแกรมบัญชี ทำงานรวดเร็ว
Work fast
Convenient, fast, save your valuable time
Issue documents anywhere and anytime
โปรแกรมบัญชี ระบบแจ้งเตือน
Notification system
Time alert system that
has to issue various documents
โปรแกรมบัญชี รายงานบัญชี
Financial accounting report
Can issue financial statements in real-time without
having knowledge or expertise in accounting
โปรแกรมบัญชี โปรแกรมตรวจสุภาพ
Health examination program
Check the company's health easily, whether
Cash used or receivables
โปรแกรมบัญชี ครบวงจร
All in one system
To manage efficiently
โปรแกรมบัญชี ความปลอดภัย
Data is encrypted and backed up.
With the backup system from Google Cloud
Google เซิร์ฟเวอร์
With a server from Google, you can be ensuring that
The system is highly secure and is ready to use at all times.

Online accounting software on the cloud can be used from various devices without having to install software on the device. All users can collaborate easily and access anywhere and anytime by having the internet only.

Choose an accounting program package

Accounting software with a reasonable price that you can choose alternatively either pays monthly or yearly to allow SME like us to move forward steadily and achieve success without obligation.
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SMEMOVE accounting features

  • Sale

    Simplify the sales process from issuing quotations, invoices, invoices and receipts by facilitating processes such as billing notifications, receiving checks, adding serial numbers to products to track products. With warranty, multiple payment installments, adding salespeople in the quotation to calculate commission,

  • Buy and pay

    Perform recording, creating and printing documents for purchasing products and payment of expenses such as invoices, product receipts, purchase orders, receipts, credit notes, including production costing, consumables and product costing Imported from foreign countries.

  • Product

    Product management, including product stock counting, raw materials, expenses, services such as creating a barcode after creating a new product list, setting up production formulas to produce products by setting up a business model, setting raw materials And set up products that require production formulas in order to be able to produce products according to formulas and deleting unwanted product information.

  • Pay salary

    Record details about staff and payroll with details of staff salaries such as allowances, diligence allowances, deductions such as late, social security. As for the staff, it can scan the card for what time to go in and out, pay status check, download the salary slip by yourself, including disbursement of parts such as OT

  • Account

    Covering work related to company accounts such as creating asset lists, manage the chart of account, Account recording in the event that trading records have not been recorded before, Update of employee payroll documents, Commission calculation, tax payment and social security, annual closing.

  • Manage list

    Store it orderly. The product list will include a list of products and expenses such as advertising fees, customer lists, and suppliers combined with names, addresses, tax ID that can set billing date, check date, employee list, how many employees, general staff information and can upload documents and attachments such as tax invoices receipt.

  • Report

    Financial statements can be viewed. For example, company health, sales, profits, payments, receivables, payables, expenses in order to know where the direction of the business. The balance sheets are company assets and capital liabilities. The profit (loss) statements are income, profits, and expenses which these reports can be printed out in A5 format for easier data validation.

  • Document format

    Able to create documents and customize document formats for every need such as document types, sizes, themes, color tones, and company logos in order to be unique. It helps increase credibility and easy to use in each organization. You can also save the format as a document theme for use with other document formats.

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Online Accounting Software that has users of more than 6,000 companies

SMEMOVE is online accounting software that will make SME life easier. Designed for SME entrepreneurs, startups, including small online stores. Our software packages cover billing, buying-selling, receiving-payment, viewing profit-loss statements and balance sheets as real-time.

The right assistance to all accounting issues, helps reduce workflow very well, because the program will automatically save accounts when opening, buying, selling, paying, receiving and other documents without having to waste time recording transactions. All own accounts. It's easy to use, even if not expert in accounting, you can use the program.

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