Become a partner and move forward together with us.
In a world where technology becomes the driving force for innovation for users and higher expectations for customers. As a result, building alliances has become something that can drive more of the benefits that customers will receive, grow faster and more stable than ever. It is difficult for today's companies to be able to do all of this solely, resulting in the creation of strategic alliances to assist each other to meet the mission with full efficiency.
  • Special privileges for you
    Special privileges for our partners
    Receive up to 50% discount by registering packages, and many other privileges.
  • Save your value time
    Trading documents and accounting records can be issued at the same time, and the documents need not be recorded again which is convenient and reduce working hours.
  • Increase the opportunity to do business
    SMEMOVE can help you procure clients or companies that need personnel to cope with accounting for starting a business and working together.
  • Provide intelligent support
    Support the analysis data in order to be able to measure and improve various items as well as planning business with your customers efficiently.
  • Reduce tax procedures
    The system will provide tax preparation for various kinds of sales, withholding, and can be used to file taxes immediately including income tax calculations and social security.
  • Special assistance
    Special privileges to assist various problems including joint development of features to meet the needs of customers to support a variety of businesses.
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